Queen of Linowa


The current queen of Linowa, Arkasi, accended to the throne i RY 758. Groomed for rulership from childhood by her aunt, the previous queen Renenth, Arkasi has a cosmopolitan understanding of the world and a taste for foreign luxury goods not normally seen among the Linowan. Her xenophilia has limits though, and Arkasi proudly carries the scars she recieved in her youth leading raids against the Haltans.

The wars with the Bull of the North have led to a change in Arkasi’s relentless policy of aggression against Halta. Faced with a wartorn country and less support from the Realm, she was forced to shift into a defensive strategy rather than going on the offense. While this shows her adaptability it has also made Linowan traditionalists question her rule for the first time. They want their revenge in blood and brunt redwoods, and they want it now.

A passionate women Arkasi is known to have several lovers in the royal clan, though her desire for romance has yet to hamper her ability to rule efficiently.


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