Reijan ”Heartstealer” Kewono

Avenging Siren of Rokan-Jin


Reijan Kewono

Strange sounds? Curious? Yes. Better look.
You dash to the window of the Kewono Residence, a large mansion situated on the mountainside at Carnelian Peak.
In the room, you see the young boy-man standing on all four on the bed, behind him an older man, much larger, he’s clearly flushed and has just finished his reproductive act. Strange, nothing will come of that?
The boy-man turns around, looks almost intoxicated with excitement, big smile. Strange, one would think that was uncomfortable given the difference in dimensions?
Noise was presumably from the two, no more noise now.
Back to the task at hand. What was that task anyway? Hm. Oh well.

Some years later
I’m sooooo curious now, they have been at it for hours now! Who is it this time?
I think it’s the woman, the special one.
Maybe they are fighting again, it’s intriguing, so…sensual, yet…brutal. I like it.
You rush to the window you know so well by now.
Inside he’s there…the not so young one, Reijan. Nice guy, you like him. Pretty too. And that voice…mmmm, no wonder she can’t leave him alone – who could?
So many times, have you lingered by the window, just to soak up the melody…it’s like time stops, it’s like your soul finds harmony. Peace. Wonderful.

They are reproducing. This makes sense. Good match. She is nice, good breeding. Hopefully good will come of this. I hope.
You wait.
Something feels strange. The wind is still, but I feel a storm?
Something is coming. Something…Amazing? I think so. Never saw this before, or did I? …so long ago? Difficult. So blurry, why?

The room goes bright in the darkness, what was candlelight is now bright as the day.
They were united I think, but the not-so-young…so bright. Why is he like that?
The woman is on the bed, her eyes are closed as before. She looks…happy. I think that’s what I’ve read about. Love? Looks pleasant.
She’s opening her eyes, exciting.
What will she say now that she not only has a good catch, but also one that can glow bright as day?
Looks powerful, maybe it’s scary to be so close?

She threw him off the bed!? What are those two doing? Staring?
Talking. Really? She only wants to talk, angrily? Frustrated I think.
Strange symbol on his forehead. She’s running away now, he looks unhappy.
He looks very concerned, odd, should I advise him? What to say… “You look like you got some power there – be happy!” he doesn’t look like someone that wants to hear that right now.
I’d like to say something though, maybe it will make him feel better. Why do I care?

Day after
The woman has left in much haste, I think yesterday’s fornication was successful, that’s what she wanted, yes? But did not seem happy.
Young man is also leaving, but he’s hiding. Like he does not want to be seen. Strange world.

A week later

I want to find him. What is this feeling? Strange.

Day after
There he is, sounds drunk?
So many ugly women there, adoring eyes, I wonder if he has standards? I will watch. Wait.
It’s good to hear him again, calming. And such a pretty thing.

Some weeks later
She’s very beautiful, isn’t she? He seems to be interested in her.
Why do I care? I don’t have the answer. But I don’t think I want her to have him.
Do I need to prepare? Why am I even thinking about this, it’s never been a problem before, they always fall.
Two hours later
My child is so skilled with these things, I have never looked this alluring. He will be mine.
I will focus, and I will reveal myself.

An hour later
Damnations! He refused me!? Said he was waiting for someone.
Well he doesn’t need to wait, I took care of her on the way out. He will never have her.
I will come back, in a new form. He won’t know.

Days later
I am finding it difficult to focus, I have never tried this before. Sometimes I wonder if I should just give up and go back, but then I know I don’t want to. I want to stay here. With him. Forever.
I think I must accept that he cannot be tricked by my skills, I will instead approach him in my natural form, in darkness.

On the eve
He’s going home now, I will go with him, in hiding.
Reijan is walking on an icy street, drunk – again , thoughts going through his head
I’m going “home” now, if that’s what you can call that hovel. Fuck this. Fuck them all!
I feel my rage could burn the city to the ground, and I want to do it, something holds me back. Probably for the better.
I’m not even sure what I’ve really become, I think I’m one of the anathema, not a demon, but pretty close, right now I’m just a drunk fool.
Shit, shit…SHIT! I thought I was going to spend my life with her, Neiwona, she was everything to me, maybe some of me is still with her, a little dynast if we’re lucky, and maybe she will come back. I hope so. Maybe I can find them someday?

She knocks on the door, almost timidly. He opens, looks a bit surprised at her form, but after some small talk he decides to invite her in.
She spends the night, he sleeps on the floor. Clearly not what she had in mind, and considering his past, highly unusual for him as well.

The coming weeks and months they mingle, she’s either immaterialized or in a form that is suitable when they are out.
Not the most likely couple, and certainly not one without friction. She explained to him that she is Parshanara the One Who’s Bidding Is Her Own, Demon of the first Circle. She is the first of her name, and her name is because she is free and will not return to be bound. She explained that after many centuries of living among mortals she does not feel that she belongs in the company of the savagery that is the demon society in the hells.

Shortly after they started traveling together, she would introduce him to some of her friends, they were mostly of the less welcome sort, demons, plague spirits and the like.
He was surprised at how welcome he felt with them, a heartfelt introduction from Parshanara seemed to pave the way every time. As time went on, he was eventually introduced to a redhaired man named Olaf Chantabane, named thus because of his impressive success when fighting the fae.
He was a godblooded warrior with both charm and wit, he was a part of the small group of beings that Parshanara surrounded herself with and would trust.
One day Olaf had a visitor, a rare one at that. Olafs mother.
His mother, a fair lady with firey hair (no really, hair of/on fire!) apparently visited her children (of which she did not have many) once in a while, she had a busy schedule so he would never be told she was coming, yet she seemed to have uncanny ability to find him wherever he was.
She was introduced to Reijan as Marille Rainsinger, a rather unusual name for a fire elemental Reijan thought. Marille was a kind soul, helpful, openminded and curious of all. As Reijan sang one of his romantic songs during the evening as they had all gathered, he caught Marilles attention, she requested many songs from him that night, never really explaining the reason, but Reijan was not one to say no, as he loved to sing – especially if he didn’t have to decide what to sing.
The following months Reijan would be visited by Marille in his dreams, she offered him a deal – he would pray for her regularly, burning offerings of her liking in the process, and in return she would grant him power and knowledge beyond his wildest dreams. As the pact was forged, Reijan learned the ways of Sorcery.

Reijan would soon discover (much to Parshanaras delight) that he was able to summon other demons and spirits, this at times lead to an entire harem following the two, and at one particular orgy Parshanara persuaded Reijan to summon a nymph, a water elemental, all went well until Parshanara found a sacrificial knife and began preparing for a ritual. Reijan would forcefully reject the idea and made it abundantly clear to Parshanara that sacrificing the summoned beings was not allowed.
At first, she could not understand why not, they had so much fun? But within a few days she could see why, this was not the way the locals did it. She had been carried away, lost in the sensation, but she had found her way back and he was the grounding she needed.

As time passed they shared many experiences, and became very close.

Reijan, always one to think about the underlying reasons and mechanics of the world, would spend countless nights studying history, trying to find some clue to his ancestry and perhaps find others like him.

Neiwona was never far from his mind Neiwona, always wondering what happened to her. As he found comfort in his new partner and travel companion, he would almost forget the rage and sorrow he felt as he was exiled.
He was nowhere near when the Bull invaded Rokan Jin,
Even as he rushed back he sensed the futility, when he arrived to see the carnage he was consumed by sorrow and rage, they had exiled him yes, but they thought it was for good reason, they could not know better. As he was now robbed of any chance of reconciliation he focused his anger on the source, The Bull must pay, and only the highest price will suffice.

The Sycee rumour

After many years of seeking, finally something happens, Marille sent word – something is happening in Sycee, she has received rumours of people that are supposedly like Reijan – and several of them are gathering in Sycee. Reijan has a short talk with Parshanara and they agree that they must leave as soon as possible, before the opportunity slips by.

Reijan ”Heartstealer” Kewono

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