Yurgen Kanako

The Bull of the North


Yurgen Kaneko was a member of an icewalker tribe of the farthest North. He had been a great hunter, warrior and leader of his tribe, but now he was old. Alive beyond his time, he walked out onto the ice alone, weaponless, to find death. Instead, he found his rebirth.

A Child of the Sun, Yurgen found that his age no longer mattered. His body was strong, and his mind was sharp. His people listened when he spoke, and with his skill at war, he led them to many victories. His tribe savaged the soft men of the cities and fought off the raids of the Fair Folk and the dead. Impressed by his power, other icewalker tribes joined him. When the Wyld Hunt came, as Yurgen knew it would, he led them through the Silver Wastes and the Snow Blossom Cascades, regions that the icewalkers knew well. Weakning the Hunt with his great endurance, Yurgen assaulted the Dragon-Bloods at their moment of weakness.

That was 10 years ago. Since then, Yurgen has united nearly all of the icewalker tribes and expanded his influence greatly. In RY 764 he defeated the Tepet Legions at the Battle of Futile Blood, and was awarded with the title: Bull of the North.

Yurgen Kanako

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