From the Ashes of War

From the Ashes of War II
The Gathering

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The Gathering – Part one
The Gathering – Part two



RY 697


13th of Ascending Earth: Kael and Nhila arrived at Nhila's camp only to find it under attack by a Linowan war band. Shortly after engaging the enemy Nhila was ambushed by Iluna. Kael responded by delivering a near fatal blow to Iluna with the flat side of his sword. Nhila and Kael then proceeded to defeat the remaining enemy combatants. After the battle Nhila noticed that her artifact weapon 'Searing Ire' was missing. Kael arrested Iluna and returned to Sycee to procure medical aid. 

14th of Ascending Earth: The Circle met up at Renali's ship and debated what to do about Iluna, Nhila and 'Searing Ire'. Nhila and her war band moved their camp to the southern river shore next to Yellow Gaoler's company. Renali sanctified Iluna's oath not to kill Nhila without the consent of the Circle or in self-defense. 


XP: 5 XP


From the Ashes of War I
The Arrival at Sycee

The Arrival at Sycee



RY 697


19th of Decending Fire: Tao Zhu Ying arrives in Sycee and sets up an improvised field hospital.

20th of Decending Fire: Reijin ”Heartstealer” Kewono arrives in Sycee. He quickly build a following of fans by singing at the saloon. 

2nd of Ascending Earth: Renali Henet arrives in Sycee. Her arrival causes a little unrest among the populace expecting an invasion, but she agrees to keep her army outside the town. She throws a party for the "wealthy" of the city, and her ghostly mentor notices that Heartstealer not only travels with a demon, but that he is also able to see her. 

6th of Ascending Earth: Nhila Wild-Rose arrives in Sycee. She presents herself as Meli of The Black Hill Clan to Heartstealer. While she does seem interested in him nothing comes of it, and she disappears from town again. 

13th of Ascending Earth: Kael Brighten-The-Stars and Iluna San arrive in town searching for Nhila. While they do not find her during the day she enters the saloon at night, while they are both present. There she negotiates for Kael's support in overthrowing her grandmother and usurping the position as clan matriarch. In return she promises her clans support to Kael's vision of a new Linowa. Kael doesn't fully commit to her proposal, but offers her sanctuary with his clan, while he decides.

Iluna overhears their conversation and follows them towards their boat. On the way she is noticed by Nhila, and is chased by Kael. Kael is unable to locate her, but they exchange opinions while she is in hiding. When Nhila catches up Iluna escapes the scene. The session ends the same evening as Kael and Nhila travels downstream in their boats towards Nhila's camp. 

XP: 5 XP

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