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  • Sahula

    Rokan-Jin’s Queen Sahula survived the death of her husband (fallen in battle) and took command, but her nation is in ruins.

  • Reijan ”Heartstealer” Kewono

    Reijan Kewono Strange sounds? Curious? Yes. Better look. You dash to the window of the Kewono Residence, a large mansion situated on the mountainside at Carnelian Peak. In the room, you see the young boy-man standing on all four on the bed, behind …

  • Eight Fox

    Eight Fox was a former wife of [[:renali | Renali]]. She went missing during the sacking of Carnelian Peak and is persumed dead.

  • Yellow Gaoler

    Yellow Gaoler is a close friend and confidant of [[:renali | Renali]]. He is also the cousin of [[:renali | Renali]]'s former wife [[:fox | Eight Fox]].

  • Kanuka Brass-Rose

    Kanuka is usually dressed as a noble from Rokan-Jin complete with numerous rings of gold and a necklace made from animal teeth and gold pearls. Despite his noble heritage, or perhaps because of it, he now leads the miners association known as the Brass …