Population: ca. 20.000
Dominant clan: The Royal Clan

Malhain is one of the most urbanized and settled cities in Linowa. This is largely since Malhain is the location of the royal dockyards. While every boat clan manufacture their own boats, these dockyards produce the largest and most impressive river vessels of Linowa.  Most of the lumber for the boat-building industry comes from raids into Halta, but Malhain also boasts a significant lumber industry that supplements the looted giant redwoods. 

Culturally Malhain is like the rest of Linowa, but the urban nature and settled lifestyle of the city doesn't really appeal to the Linowan way to life. Thus while most boat clans sees the value of Malhains dockyards few of them would like to actually live there. As a result the city always seems in short supply of workers which in turn attracts outcasts and drifters from all of Linowa. This diversity and rootlessness was a constant source of problems in Malhains early days, and as a response the Queen at the time founded the Guilds of Malhain. 

The Guilds of Malhain is the only organizations allowed conduct business in Malhain, and all citizens of Malhain belongs to a guild rather than a boat clan. Anyone not a member of a guild is considered a visitor in Malhain rather than a permanent resident. In many ways the Guilds of Malhain works like boat clans providing for their members and acting as surrogate families. Still there are differences worth mentioning. First of they have none of the rights are privileges associated with boat clans outside Malhain. Secondly they are specialized entities with each guild only have trade rights within a specific craft. Finally a lot of their members are not related by blood, because they have a high rate of adoption. Children of a guild member are treated as part of the guild until reaching adulthood. At that point they can join the guild themselves if they known the craft the guild is specialized in. Otherwise they can seek out another guild. 

The government of Malhain is complicated. When the guilds was formed they were granted the privilege to run the city under the auspice of the royal clan. Each guild in entitled to a number of seat in Malhains council based on their importance for the city, their membership numbers, and their contribution to the coffers of the city. The exact rules governing this distribution of council seats changes frequently and are subject to much debate.


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