This campaign set in and around the kingdom of Linowa four years after their defeat at the Battle of Futile Blood at the hands of the Bull of the North. We follow a circle of newly exalted Solars as they attempt to make the mark on the world around them. A world in which the distant hand of the Scarlet Empire has become nearly non-existant following the defeat of the Tepet Legions, but where other aspiring great powers lurk on all sides to exploit the weakness of a war-torn Linowa.

This campaign is a spin-off from the original campaign. In When Legions Fail our main protagonists are young dynasts from House Ledaal sent to Linowa to secure resources for the coming civil war. The mandate of the Shadow Crusade is clear. The war-torn nation and its artifacts must not fall into the hands of the Anathema, but the foolishness of House Tepet is not to be repeated. Where their arrogant legions failed a small group of wise specialists might succeed.