Crimson Antler

Protege of the Bull


Crimson Antler is the youngest member of the Bull’s circle. She exalted in RY 763 at the age of 13 during a punishment raid conducted by the Realm into the heartlands of the Icewalker tribes. A few months later she appeared at Yurgen Kanako’s camp swearing fealty in exchange for protection of the remnants of her tribe and an opportunity to get back at the Realm. In the years that has passed since then she has grown into a beautiful young woman and become the protege of the Bull. 

Unlike the rest of her circle Crimson Antler has rarely been seen on the battlefield. This is partially because Yurgen Kanako kept her out of harms way due to her young age, but also because she showed a talent for understanding the more subtle arts of intrigue and diplomacy. So rather than committing her to the front line fights, she has served the Bull as a messenger, scout and spy.  

When Yurgen Kanako was forced to return to the Icewalker heartlands, he decided it was time for Crimson Antler to stand on her own. So he left her to govern and protect the Eastern Exclave. 

Crimson Antler

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