Iluna San

Vengeful orphan covert operative


Iluna grew up with her parents in a boat clan called The Dawning Forest Clan. The clan was very nomadic clan and frequently moved from one location to another when resources got scare.
One night just as the clan prepared for departure to a new location it was attacked by Halta raiding party. At the time, Iluna was only eight years old. In a desperate act, her parents quickly hid her away under a small floor hatch. Iluna could hear her parents fighting to hold the invaders from entering the house. Then everything went silent. Trickles of blood dripped through the floorboards and hit her chin.
After hours of waiting Iluna slowly opened the floor hatch to a horrific sight. Iluna lost both her parents and her entire clan that day. Standing in the midst of destruction weeping in sorrow a man laid a hand on her shoulder. Iluna later learned that this man indeed was Lenjakar war leader of The Righteous Shadows. Iluna was adopted into The Mountain Shade Clan were she was raised by Lenjakar. Their relationship was primarily build on respect and friendship rather than Lenjakar trying to be a father figure. With promise of revenge and a strong wish for uniting the clans, she began her training at The Sharp-Peaked Rise a fortification and home of The Righteous Shadows.

Iluna quickly showed great skills. She was assigned to active duty, and was conducting anything from assassinations, infiltration, spying to sabotage against strategic targets in Halta.
One day, what seemed like a simple mission turned out very differently. Iluna was tasked with a mission to spy on a war leader, which rumors had it turned disloyal to the Linowan way of life. The goal was to gather information to verify the rumors and report back.
Iluna was hiding in the tent when the war leader entered. After waiting a short while, a sudden gust of wind hit the tent. Two hooded figures entered and the war leader fell to his knees. The hooded figures started chanting and ghostly shackles appeared shimmering around the war leader’s wrist. Iluna had heard stories about the Bull of the North using magic to overcome his foes and she was sure this was indeed an attempt to infiltrate the tribes of Linowan. Iluna decided that now would be the time to leave. However, as she tried to leave the tent one of the hooded figures spotted her. Iluna ran as fast as she could out of the camp desperately trying to find a place to hide. She then heard hounds barking in the distance and she knew that hiding was not an option as the hounds most likely already had her scent. Gasping for breath and close to passing out she turned around to confront the ferocious hounds as they closed in. In that moment, she began glowing with the glorious light of day. The hounds cowered and shivered in the fear and ran back to their masters. Iluna now with renewed energy managed to retreat to The Sharp-Peaked Rise to report her findings.

For several months hereafter, The Righteous Shadows had numerous very successful raids against the Halta and the Fair folk. However, the defenses of Halta was also strengthened and it became more and more difficult to do mission in area around The Sharp-Peaked Rise.
Iluna were given a special mission by request of a matriarch of an allied boat clan. Iluna had to find an individual that have tried to overthrow the matriarch an offense punishable by death. The trail led her to Sycee a small town on an island in the middle of a tributary to the Silver River….

Iluna San

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