Nhila Wild-Rose

Scion of the Mouth of Many Waters Clan


Nhila is a relatively young woman of The Mouth of Many Waters Clan and the granddaughter of their current matriarch. She participated in the war against the Bull of the North in her early teens and seems to be capable in both on the battlefield and in politics.

In Decending Water of RY 767 she attempted sizing control of her tribe by a coup. Almost nothing of this coup is known in the rest of Linowa, since neither Nhila nor her grandmother has spoken of it. She is currently pursued by assassins sent by her grandmother for her treason, but she holds the loyalty of a significant portion of the clan.

She met with Kael Brighten-The-Stars in Sycee the 13th of Ascending Earth in RY 767 to negotiate an alliance. Kael Brighten-The-Stars found her to be a kindred spirit in pursuit of a new Linowa, but he decided to get to know her better before promising the aid of his clan. He did however offer sanctuary for her and her people among his clan.

Nhila Wild-Rose

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