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  • The Mountain Shade Clan

    Members: About 2.000
    Warbands: [[The Righteous Shadows]]

    Residing near the Haltan border this boat clan is known for its strict adherence to Linowan traditions. They take pride in their …

  • The Mouth of Many Waters Clan

    Members: About 13.000
    Matriarch: Arrisa

    The Mouth of Many Waters boat clan is based around the area where the Silver River springs from Lake Sanazala. The boat clan is one of the most prominent clans …

  • The Gray Bow Clan

    Members: About 5.000

    The Gray Bow boat clan is known for their skilled archers. Their bows are made from gray ash trees native to their home region. Their main rivals is [[The Yellow Lily Clan]] living upstream …

  • The Yellow Lily Clan

    Members: About 3.000
    Matriarch: Azatrine

    The Yellow Lily boat clan lives in a valley between three mountains, where the Yellow Petal River is formed from small streams running down the …