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  • Golden-Eyed Jorst

    Golden-Eyed Jorst is the eastern god of deciduous forests, and revered among the Linowan as Lord of War and Stories. It is in his honor that the Linowan cut down the Haltan redwoods and throw Haltan prisoners unto the bonfires. Jorst is known for his …

  • Grala of the Endless Hunt

    Grala is the Goddess of Hunting and Pursuit, and the sister of the Haltan goddess Caltia. Despite her family ties all Linowan hunter sacrifice some of their prey to her, and she remain neutral in the conflict between the two people. She cares nothing for …

  • Sudale of the Flowing Grasp

    Sudale is the Goddess of the Silver River, and recieves worship and a sacrifice of wine from Linowan before they go on a journey along the river. In return she warns the Linowan of Haltan boats entering her river.

  • The Unconquered Sun

    Mightiest of the Celestial Incarna, architect of the Primordial War, the Unconquered Sun is the supreme God of Creation. The Unconquered Sun is the patron of the Solar Exalted. After the war's end, the Unconquered Sun continued to advise his Chosen in …

  • Vata the Hungerer

    The Goddess of Cannibalism Vata originally served [[:grala | Grala]] as one of her hounds according to legend. However she rebelled again her former mistress and bit Grala's hand thereby gaining divine power and a human form. She also gained an …

  • Nabai

    Nabia is the goddess of the Murky River and the primary deity of the Murky River Clan. The appearance of the Golden Olive Grove has apparently strengthened her powers.